Portrait of Kaja Nikolaus slightly looking to the right.

Kaja nikolaus

hamburg-based art director and content producer with a Passion for everything
about design.
As a digital designer and art director, I work with dedication to create good and functional design. In 2022 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from HAW Hamburg but already started working as a freelance designer during my studies.
Whether it's creating a strong visual identity, developing a unique brand concept, finding creative solutions for diverse communication projects, creating content or helping with creative consulting – my goal is to use design as tool for communication that works.
I also love to collaborate with other creative people from different fields and to connect the right people out of my network with each other. 
Design is not only a profession for me, but my absolute passion. This passion and the pursuit of aesthetics in all kinds and ways accompanies me always and everywhere. Besides my profession as a communication designer, I have a biiiiig love for photography, interior and fashion.
It always makes me happy that I can help clients by doing what I really love.
Together, let's unleash the power of design to tell your story and elevate your brand to the next level.
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